Sundays are for AC Milan

Liz thinks I should start to eliminate anything which stresses me out. She thinks I should start by turning my back on AC Milan.

AC Milan is my first love. It started when I was 5, when my father took me out on a carcade in the Fiat 600 and I could scream without being told to shut up. Since then, I have screamed in front of black and white TV sets, in friends’ living rooms, all the way to the Philips digital wide-screen. If I were brave enough to tattoo my arm, I would have a red and black devil.

Two weeks ago, I had to lie down after a near miss by Filippo Inzaghi. It would be a strange way to die, because of some millionaire footballer’s miss, I thought, as I counted the beams in his room.

Simply for the record. Tonight, AC Milan were down 1-0 to Lazio at half time and down to 10 men by the 50th minute. Then Shevchenko scored two impossible goals, Lazio hit the post, and Milan won the match.

Perhaps I should get my heart checked.

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