Max is a great music buff.

His taste in music ranges from Gilles Peterson and the future of dance to the Cure and the Smashing Pumpkins and Kylie’s bottom antics to David Bowie crooning in an obscure Brecht play called ‘Baal’.

Max was there at Freddie Mercury’s last concert at Knebworth, the Who’s 25th Anniverary tours, Peter Gabriel’s soaring concerts at Earls Court and Frank Zappa’s last tour of Wembley.

Max would have loved to have spent his twenties with a guitar strapped to his chest and a flock of pubescent Motley Crue female fans waiting in the wings. Or as a U2 roadie (except his bad back would have precluded any serious lifting). Or as a member of the Brodski Quartet.

Max spent his twenties working as a Chartered Accountant in middle-management in the UK.

Max is teaching Jacob how to sing. He has managed to get through the first stanza of ‘Octopussy’s Garden’.

Max is wondering if it is not too late to go to guitar lessons.

Jacob asks for Piazzola tangos when he is playing with his train set.

Max is hoping that he will not succumb Jacob to unreasonable peer pressure.

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