This is a country of extremes. It’s either a neurosis of heat, or languishing under the flood gates.

The rains came last night at 10.30, just as a beseiged AC Milan caved in to a Ronaldinho piece of wizardry and lost 2-1 to Barcelona. Max then had to drive Frank back to his house in the Three Cities, say goodbye (Frank was leaving for Germany) and commence his journey back to Siggiewi. By the time he got to Qormi, the wheels of Polo were finding difficulty in remaining glued to the ground. Visibility was down to a couple of feet. What remained of the road was a grey river of slime and loose stones. The headlights of the car ahead vanished and reappeared like a limp Christmas tree.

By the time Max got home, his hands were shaking.

Max has spent the morning looking at leaks and restarting his computer. Jacob’s potty is an emergency receptacle for a leak in the bathroom. Jacob has retreated to Max’s study to watch Thomas the Tank Engine for the 400th time.

Max has just found out that George W. Bush will be the US president for the next 4 years.

Max thinks that the whole world appears to have sprung a leak

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