I don’t quite know where I’m heading to.

So here’s a list of where I’ve been.

1. On Wednesday night, I joined about 600 others at the AC Milan club to watch my team triumph (probably undeservedly, on the night) over the old nemesis of Istambul. Several highlights – the obvious one, watching Inzaghi’s second goal crawl over the goal line and ending up with my neighbour’s arm pit in my face. The best one was probably Gejtu the Club’s secretary’s announcement before the game: sic ‘Friends! WHEN we score.. for fuck’s sake… make sure you don’t throw bottles at the screens! We rented them this time and they cost us a bomb!’

2. I’m setting up a startup called Muovo. Startups are normally the fodder of young guys in a garage in Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv, no? No, they’re not. So the rollercoaster of creating something out of nothing has started. I’ve done this before. I’ve made a lot of money for other people. This time, it’s me and two other illuminated souls. If we fail, we will do it gloriously, no doubt.

3. My ISP has been losing emails for the past two weeks. I finally lost my sense of diplomacy and sent a rude email to the technical director. He received it nearly 20 hours after I sent it.

4. Yesterday, at 17.14, a tiny sparrow, not more than a couple of weeks old, flapped against the window of my room. I stopped, blinked. Then a paw came out of nowhere and the sparrow screamed. And I charged out to see Smudge the cat, aged 10, run off with the bird in its mouth. By the time we had prised its jaw open, the bird was a goner. Seriously upset. Smudge looked smug for an entire hour.

5. Darren munched some pastizzi with me at Cafe Cordina and told me about BarCamps. Wicked ideas spinning in our heads.

6. I spent the best part of three days driving around Malta with a key associate for Muovo – a Bulgarian man who had never visited the island and confessed to liking Geneva. George liked Malta. A lot. I hadn’t been to Mdina at night, for a while. The place just looks lovely. Palazzo Falzon is stunning, the lighting is subtle, and you still get a view from Fontanella. We’ve finally got a city we can be proud of.

7. I started one of those ‘take a picture of yourself for 365 days and watch yourself age’ projects. Mercifully, my memory card screwed up and wiped out an entire week’s supply of mug shots. Project canned.

8. I washed my car, after a couple of months. Now I can see all the bumps and scratches.

9. Liz wants to build a room over our bedroom to ‘improve the quality of our family life’ and ‘increase the value of our property’. No, there is no ulterior agenda.

10. Jacob has taken to calling himself ‘Is-sur Jacob’. Primarily to irritate his mother, who cannot speak Maltese, I suspect. Then again, neither can he. Still, a near five year-old who aspires to becoming a chef might have a better game plan than a 45 year-old in a start-up.

Next week, I’m off to London to watch Zoot Woman, Rufus Wainwright and Cheek by Jowl’s new production of Cymbeline. And to lose myself in crowds, think of new things, recharge the old grey cells, look up an old friend. And try and find some more answers.

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