Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dream on

It’s the end of summer, but the electric fan is still whirring.

The holiday in Provence has already ebbed away, but I still remember the light, the ochres, and the lovely rose’ wines.

I have cleaned the office in my farmhouse, but the papers and books are already building up around me.

Computers hum.  The neighbours have gone away.  My child is asleep by 8.30, clung to Pickles the bear with impossibly long arms and legs.

There is work to be done.  But my mind is elsewhere.


The joys of the Internet Archive

Perhaps I’m late to the party.  But the Internet Archive has everything from the lovely and useful to the weird and vaguely intoxicating.  

Here’s an entire Spoon concert, for instance:

Track Listing

1 Don’t Make Me a Target
2 The Mystery Zone
3 The Beast and Dragon, Adored
4 My Mathematical Mind
5 The Ghost of You Lingers
6 Is Love Forever?
7 Don’t You Evah
8 Small Stakes
9 Love Song
10 Written in Reverse
11 Who Makes Your Money
12 The Way We Get By
13 You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
14 They Never Got You
15 I Summon You
16 Rhthm & Soul
17 Got Nuffin
18 Black Like Me
19 The Underdog
20 Nobody Gets Me But You
21 I Turn My Camera On
22 Jonathon Fisk

Spoon Live at Camden Electric Ballroom on 2010-02-16 (February 16, 2010)