Jacob’s Top 5 Muppet Clips

So he’s 8, and I’m 49, and Jim Henson was long gone by the time Jacob kicked into this planet.  But that hasn’t stopped us worshipping at the altar of Jim Henson.  Or being forever grateful to YouTube for immortalising our childhoods.

Here are Jacob’s Top 5 Muppet Clips.  I know.. it was tough to reduce it to five.  Maybe we’ll do another list soon.

1.  Hugga Wugga

I’m sure there’s a moral to this one.  

2.  Mahna Mahna

Don’t know how long the link is going to be active, as WMG are trying to close down all links on YouTube to the track.  Don’t you just love copyright kings? In the meantime, if you can watch it.. here’s the coolest dude with orange hair. Ever.

3.  Beaker’s Feelings

The original song was pretty horrible.  Now, it’s plain immortal.

4.  Swedish Chef’s Chicken in the Basket

Culinary delight meets slam dunking.

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody

OK, this is pretty much post-Henson.  But the great man and the greater Mercury floating somewhere in the outer blue would have both approved.

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