7 years of blogging

I wrote my first blog post on 25 September 2004.  It was on another platform (Blogger), and like most people in those relatively early years, I wasn’t totally aware of how public a medium this was. 

It was like learning how to cycle without knowing if anyone was watching you fall.  Or cared if you did.

Seven years later, blogging and its disruptive taxonomy is the main focus of my academic research.  Though my own blogging has become sporadic and scattered, here and there.  

And yet, despite the various soothsayers of its demise (primarily mainstream journalists), the blog continues to represent one of the few spaces in the public sphere where you can set out your stall.  Where, as Rosenberg famously opined, you can aspire to ‘say everything‘.  Where for fifteen minutes you place your trust in the power of the text and your finger tips to ruffle the feathers of a system that’s built around a different set of rules and values.  

The technologies of life provide endless refuge for every soul.  From the rage of the old to the perenially whimsical.



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