9 years ago


My son Jacob was nine today.

Right now, the boy is asleep, tangled with Pickles, the bear with long arms, who also celebrated his eighth birthday today.

We’re hot on milestones in my family.

Today, in between the hugs, presents, cassatellas at Fontanella, and the blowing of candles on a chocolate cake, Jacob and I found ourselves watching the video below.  We both agreed that one day out of 365 where people could stop fighting each other was something worth fighting for.  And for a moment, I actually thought of telling my son of how his own existence is tied to 9/11, that most graphically violent of events for people from the West.  But just as I was trying to work out how to approach the subject of Al Qaeda as a different form of social network and notions of US imperialism, Jacob had slipped quietly to the next room to draw another one of his cartoons of large men in tight suits.

My life changed completely nine years ago, for the better.  Like millions of others, I know that I owe my child everything.


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