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The unbearable lightness of a thesis

I’ve listened to this several times.  The fact that I’m embedding it here means that it’s still not registering.

I’m a writer.  I’ve researched countless business situations, found problems, identified solutions, wrote up reports, made presentations, mobilised people and budgets and sometimes even ran the whole cavalry myself.

And yet, writing up this blessed thesis fills the soul with dread. And I don’t even have to teach. Best advice from this one: a writer is someone who writes the thesis, not someone who reads about it.

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Me and the PhD

Wondering at madness that compels people to do a PhD. Ruins your back, finances & social life. Arguably generates zero return on investment. Makes you talk to yourself in your sleep & listen to obscure music instead of writing the ground-breaking stuff nobody else can write for you. Eternal blinking at a blank monitor. Every day, you realise how little you, and everyone else knows about anything, and that the world still does whatever it has to do regardless. 

Sure, I was made for this.