We are everywhere

I have to give a TEDx talk in a week.  The title is locked.  I’ve got an idea of sorts, in my head.  I’ve tinkered with some slides.  I’ve tried to listen to the inner voice, the one that never lies, that is your harshest critic. My son has drawn me a cartoon to try and help me out.

The thing is – TED talks are about imparting wisdom. And it’s mostly the wisdom of experience.   Yet since I got on this learning / research path of mine, I’ve seen many of my core beliefs getting challenged and deconstructed.  Once you touch academia, you have to re-learn humility.  Where, in the consulting world, it is all about getting the big idea quickly and then using your energies to take your client on the same journey with you, in academia it is about constantly looking around and over your shoulders, before you start to try and make any impression.  

TED just seems to raise that bar higher.  It’s about a curious mix of theatre, performance and authenticity.  We all know the great TED talks – Robinson, Oliver, Godin, Shirky – there is a roll call of names and performance, growing by the day.

I have less than 7 days to dig deep into whatever well of experience and failure I have within me – and find what needs to be said.


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